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Don't let the weather ruin your excursion

Welcome to ExcurInsure, a new way to get a refund for your excursion when the weather doesn't cooperate.  If it rains, or the wind blows, or its too cloudy you will get paid and you can keep the money or donate some or all of it to a local non-profit fighting climate change

What Is ExcurInsure?

At ExcurInsure we want every excursion participant to have the time of their lives.  Whether you are playing golf, going on a trail ride, snorkeling, or taking a sunset cruise, the weather plays a significant role in your experience.  You can't control the weather, but with ExcurInsure you can get a refund if the weather impacts you.


Here's how it works:

1. Enter the excursion information

2. Purchase ExcurInsure coverage

3. Enjoy your excursion

If it rains, is windy or even to cloudy while you are out you will get a payment equal to your excursion cost.  This is yours to keep regardless of the excursion experience or you can choose to donate to a non-profit here in Hawaii fighting climate change and protecting the natural beauty of our islands

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